The Social Work Toolkit helps students develop the knowledge, core skills and confidence to succeed on their course and placements. Our range of resources, including videos, case studies, book chapters and expert opinion articles are available on or off campus.

"...the toolkit is an invaluable resource...a godsend to any social worker, particularly students who are starting their first placement..." – Student, Manchester Metropolitan University

Frequently asked questions

How will I know if students are using the resource?
Usage reports will be provided. These are available to your institutional administrator via the administration area of The Social Work Toolkit.

How often is the resource updated?
The resource will be updated three times a year - with new resources added to each theme. Law and policy updates will happen throughout the year, as appropriate.

How does it fit to the curriculum?
Resources on The Social Work Toolkit are linked to both the NOS and PCF and the themes cover core areas of all social work degrees.

Will I be able to access The Social Work Toolkit at home?
Yes! Speak to your lecturer or librarian about how to access on and off campus and from mobile devices.

How much support will I receive from Palgrave?
We provide all subscribers with an introductory pack to get you started and assist with rollout. This is supplemented with information at key points through the academic year. We have a customer service email and number available during normal business hours to assist with set up, rollout and support during your subscription. The site is designed to be straightforward and intuitive but we are happy to help with any questions.