The Social Work Toolkit


What are people saying about The Social Work Toolkit?

'Very good resource for self-directed learning? very good for placement preparation modules.'
- Elaine Aspinwall-Roberts, Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Liverpool John Moores University

'The resource could be used as an induction into placement and to support the learning whilst on placement'
- Andrea Collins, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader Pre-Qualifying Social Work, University of Gloucestershire

'The materials can be used in a variety of ways: within a lecture, as trigger material for a seminar group, as learning tasks for directed learning, preparing students for practice, or helping students to make links between placement experiences and their learning within the academic environment.'
- Beverley Burke, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Liverpool John Moores University

'Very helpful for undergraduate SW degrees, and would be useful at a variety of levels. For 1st years it might be an introduction to a topic, while for 2nd and 3rd years some of this will be refreshment and reinforcement through self-directed learning, and some of it might make a useful addition to teaching'
- Tish Marrable, Lecturer in Social Work, University of Sussex

'In student groups (during practice placements) I could see this being very useful to generate group discussion, and in terms of self-reflection for individual students it could help focus reflective journal work.'
- Marianne Hughes, Practice and learning Development Manager, Midlothian and Scottish Borders Councils

'Inclusion of chapters would be very useful?reducing the demand on key texts in the library at times of high demand'
- Pete Nelson, Principal Lecturer in Social Work, Sheffield Hallam University