Professionalism in Practice
‘Professionalism in Practice’ brings together a range of confidence-building resources to support you through placement and build your capability as a practitioner. Here you can focus on the key elements of the placement experience. You can also think about your professional development in a wider context and as part of the first steps in your longer-term career.
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Book chapters
Facing the challenge Facing the challenge
In this chapter from 'Understanding Social Work', Neil Thompson presents an overview of issues that may impede good practice and how you can begin to tackle these obstacles.
Models and frameworks for critical reflection Models and frameworks for critical reflection
In this chapter from ‘Critical Reflection in Practice: Generating Knowledge for Care, 2e,’ Gary Rolfe, Melanie Jasper and Dawn Freshwater discuss the driving forces behind reflection, moving on to examine different reflective models in detail, and th...
Using supervision Using supervision
In this chapter from 'Decision Making in Social Work', Terence O'Sullivan talks about the different components which contribute to effective supervision in a decision making context and ensure you can approach the process with confidence.
Adult learning Adult learning
In this chapter from 'Learning and Teaching in Social Work', Audrey Beverley and Aidan Worsley look at what factors influence learning, and focus on different schools of thought so that you are better able to link the theory with your own practice.
Social work and wellbeing Social work and wellbeing
This chapter introduces the topics of stress and resilience, and considers their relevance and impact in the context of social work.