Ethics, Values and Diversity
Social work practice often contains complex dilemmas. It is not always simple to identify 'the right way' of dealing with a situation. There are many considerations for practising professionally, without discrimination. Therefore it is imperative to understand the key areas of ethics, values and diversity - themes which underpin professional practice.
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Book chapters
Social divisions Social divisions
In this chapter from 'Social Policy in Britain', Pete Alcock presents an overview of the different social divisions that exist in Britain today.
Work with service users Work with service users
In this chapter from 'Social Work and Social Perspectives', Eileen Oak considers a variety of interventions with different service user groups and discusses how theory can be used to engage with these groups and gain a better understanding of their p...
Knowledge for social work practice Knowledge for social work practice
In this chapter from 'Anti-Racist Practice in Social Work', Kish Bhatti-Sinclair explores connections between universal, professional and personal knowledge, which can help achieve anti-racist practice and how the profession can ensure an ongoing com...
Philosophical perspectives: professional ethics and moral philosophy Philosophical perspectives: professional ethics and moral philosophy
In this chapter from ‘Ethics, Accountability and the Social Professions’, Sarah Banks examines the relationship between professional ethics and moral philosophy.
Anti-oppressive ethics and ethical thinking Anti-oppressive ethics and ethical thinking
In this chapter from 'Anti-Oppressive Ethics and Values in Social Work', Derek Clifford and Beverley Burke provide an introduction to anti-oppressive ethics, defining key terms and concepts which provide a framework for social work ethics.
Empowering relationships Empowering relationships
In this chapter from ‘Social Work and Power’, Roger Smith explores some of the ways in which social workers can develop interventions to reframe power relationships to the benefit of service users. The chapter looks at how social workers can do this ...
Everyday ethics Everyday ethics
This chapter looks at the ethical underpinnings at play in social work, including key ethical theories and the interplay between personal and professional values.
Social justice Social justice
In this chapter, Neil Thompson explores the relationship between social problems and social justice.
What is community work? What is community work?
In this chapter, Alan Twelvetrees explores what community work is.