The Social Work Toolkit

How can I use the Social Work Toolkit?

The Social Work Toolkit offers a personalised learning experience, tailored to each individual student, some of our favourite ideas are below.

  • As a lecturer
    • Integrate the learning tools into your teaching; they're great for stimulating student interaction and debate in class. View our pathways to find out how to incorporate The Social Work Toolkit into your teaching
    • Add hyperlinks to resources on your booklist or via your VLE so you can guide students to resources and exercises for both preparation, or consolidation of learning
    • Bookmark resources to help students prepare for placement, ease anxiety and encourage sharing experiences and reflective learning
  • As a student
    • Access resources to develop knowledge, prepare for placement or as starting point for assignments
    • Use the 'My Toolkit' feature to bookmark all your favourite resources, so you have handy support when you need it
    • Access the site whilst on placement for reference and support and compare your experiences with those reported in The Social Work Toolkit resources
    • Answer the reflective questions, use the journal and follow further reading suggestions so you are expanding your understanding and getting in the habit of critical reflective practice in your work
  • As a practice educator
    • Use resources to help support and guide your students through new experiences and dealing with difficult situations
    • Draw on other first-hand accounts to reinforce links between theory and practice with your students
    • Encourage students to engage with the resources to promote critical reflection and reflective practice